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Showing up in a variety of cultures through early human history, dreadlocks have continued to hold their own against more contemporary hairstyles of the day, transcending time, culture and social status. It was practised in the African and Indian culture. Indian saints consider the locks to be sacred and grow them as a religious practice. The Rastafarians, who coined the word 'Dreadlocks' in the 1950's, used it to connote a person growing these locks is living in dread of God, and hence the name stayed. Marley, himself, identified as a Rastafarian and it was his dreadlocked style that brought the dreads into the mainstream where it has expanded into many other subcultures.

Dreadlocks are basically matted coils of hair, formed naturally or artificially by matting using different techniques. The intricate detailing involved in creating dreadlocks is remarkable. People are often intrigued by the natural beauty within these luscious tresses that help you stand out in a crowd.

 Styling possibilities for dreads are endless from, you can establish a hairstyle all your own. From short to long, black to blonde, and straight to braided, dreadlock styles for men come in many unique shapes, sizes, and designs.

 Today, dreads have come to epitomize a free, independent, and bohemian lifestyle. Ultimately, this hairstyle can mean or represent whatever you want, so if you want your dreads shaped to a quirky undercut or a dread bun style check out the infographic on Dreadlocks for more inspiration!



January 10, 2017


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Here's to Rock 'n' Roll with Lipstick

Bowie,the man who fell to earth,

always a step ahead,

always stylish,always great.




Celebrity Kris Kindle:What do you give the rich and famous - MOJO Hair for Enda Kenny the Taoiseach

Nice stylish piece by Kevin Courtney of The Irish Times about buying Enda Kenny,The Taoiseach MOJO Hair products for Christmas !

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Just in time for Christmas there's free delivery on the award winning MOJO Hair product range when you buy them at www.mojo-style.com.




UK Based, MOJO Hair, Sets Up US Fulfillment Logistics for Holiday Season

London, England - November 21, 2016 - (Newswire.com

The award winning men's hair styling line, MOJO Hair, has set up fulfillment logistics in the US for their retail website www.Mojo-Style.com. With the holiday season quickly approaching, MOJO Hair now has the ability to offer competitive shipping rates and quick lead times to satisfy their growing US customer base.

"We couldn't be more delighted than to have local distribution in the US," MOJO founder Paul Adrian says, "We understand that the US customer wants their items quickly and at a great price. Now we can get orders to our customers within a few days, even next day if they need it, all at reduced local shipping rates and no hassle with exchange rates. They don't have to worry about any international shipping costs or duties either, we've taken care of everything - they can get high quality British products delivered to their door tomorrow."

With the new logistics firmly in place, MOJO Hair plans to bring not only their top of the line products to America, but also their first class British service. Since the brand's launch they have seen solid growth, and with the logistics obstacles of importing now removed for the American consumer they are anticipating a new round of continued growth.

"All of us here at MOJO Hair love our stylish American brothers," Paul says, "and we are really looking forward to getting them their Mojo quicker and easier."

Lloyds Bank of London has nominated MOJO Hair for best new Exporter of the Year award for 2016. In addition to their new retail logistics in the US, they have established wholesale distribution in several countries including the US, South Africa, India. Results of the winner will be announced in the coming weeks.

The MOJO Hair line fuses pro salon product performance with a unique luxury fragrance consisting of three pro salon hair styling products for men, a shampoo and conditioner as well as a beard oil. All of the products contain the unique signature fragrance that is clean and refreshingly sophisticated. The hair products are packaged in a heavyweight glass jars which features an eye-catching retro twist design, adding to the luxurious experience of the fine products.

BELSTAFF NYC Whisky,Chop & Shop Night 24th August with MOJO HAIR

MOJO Hair offers complimentary hair styles and beard trims as part of Belstaff's exclusive 2016 Fall NYC Whisky, Chop and Shop Event.

It was the highlight of our year when we collaborated with BELSTAFF for their annual Whisky,Chop and Shop Evening at their Madison Avenue Store in New York at the end of August.

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Stylish Review of the MOJO Hair Range by Sartori&Scout


Having recently scouted and featured the minimalist skincare by Alex Carro, SATORI & SCOUT were on the hunt for a grooming product range that could match Carro in product aesthetics and function. When science meets beauty, some of the worlds’ leading brands get mentioned  – Aesop would be a prime example – and SATORI & SCOUT reckon MOJO Hair* could be on it’s way to stardom and into that list, if not already there.

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September 01, 2016

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Mojo Hair Kicks Off Belstaff's NYC Fall Event

The award winning British Hair styling range, Mojo, continues its strong launch into the US market place.  This August Mojo will be part of a private event to showcase Belstaff’s collection at their Madison Avenue location in New York City.  This is Belstaff’s 2nd annual event known as, Whisky, Chop and Shop.  It is a private event for for select customers.  The night will feature two master barbers offering complimentary haircuts and beard trims as well as hair styling exclusively showcasing the Mojo brand of products along with complimentary English whiskey.
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August 31, 2016


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Lush Founder Invests in MOJO Hair

Andrew Gerrie, the co-founder of the handmade cosmetics brand Lush has become a shareholder in MOJO Hair, the new premium male grooming and styling brand. MOJO Hair products offer a unique blend of pro-salon performance and luxury fragrance and are packaged in distinctive glass jars that feature an eye-catching retro twist design.
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August 01, 2016


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MOJO is a finalist in the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2016!

MOJO Hair is a finalist in the Best New Exporter Category sponsored by insurance giant QBE in association with the UKTI Export is Great campaign.Since launching in the UK in September 2015 MOJO Hair is now on sale in the USA,South Africa and we go live in Israel and in India with Nykka.com in the coming weeks.Hopefully, the end of the year we will be live in Germany and Russia.
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July 05, 2016


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MOJO Hair Nominated for International Business Trader Of The Year Award!!

Great to be nominated as a finalist in the Buckinghamshire Business Awards International trader of the Year Award even though we've only be on sale since September 2015 our premium male grooming range is making an impact!

Big Congrats to the winners Thomas International and our other finalist Abode 2

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