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Paul after getting his Mojo back




How Did I Get Here?

As the famous words of the Talking Heads song go... After twenty years of working in both the advertising and health & beauty industries, in early 2014 I decided that I really wanted to strike out and create my own brand. With a real mop of unruly hair,I set out on a mission to create the best hair styling products for men with a range that covered all hair types from long, thick hair (like mine) to, short, curly, frizzy and thin hair.

Get My Mojo Working!

The problem was that I didn’t think that any of the products currently on the market were cutting it, in terms of performance, fragrance, price, packaging and most of all affordable style. I knew as the creator of a challenger brand that we would have to stand out from the crowd and be different from the many corporate "Me Too"brands that fill the shelves -


The Challenge

I wanted a knock out name and style for the brand that instantly made it stand out so, for style & design inspiration I surrounded myself with some of my favourite things: a book on the cover art of Blue Note records, a selection of fragrances, my vintage Gibson ES125 guitar, a Montecristo cigar and a paisley Paul Smith shirt then I put some classic soul and rock tunes on the record player and let the waves of MOJO inspiration flow...

Where are we now?

The stylish retro design of the MOJO Jars 75ml jars cuts a real dash at the point of sale in stores such as Sainsbury's, Coles, and Woolworth's as well as at home in your bathroom or on your office desk.

Stylish Product Photograph of the MOJO Skin & Haircare Range - which consists of four MOJO hairstyling products,Clay,Defining Paste,Classic Pomade and Styling Cream and two skincare products MOJO Anti -Ageing Moisturiser & MOJO Exfoliating Face Scrub) the MOJO Pots are stylish, premium gold and black pots which feature a retro twist design. All MOJO pots feature the Union Jack and instructions on how to use the products. We use a block colour of gold and black on all of our products so they stand out at the point of sale in store and look great in both the home, bathroom or office

There are four hairstyling products which fuse high performance pro-salon ingredients and our signature luxury fragrance.

MOJO Hair Clay,Defining Paste,Classic Pomade (Water Based) and Styling Cream are superb for long,short,thick,curly,frizzy hair types which will help you create a define your style to perfection and even better still they wash out with ease.

In addition, as part of your daily ritual we now have two excellent skincare products in our range, the MOJO Anti-Ageing Moisturiser which features hyaluronic sodium acid and collagen which hydrates, smooths and protects your face, neck and hands from the daily stresses of modern life and the MOJO Exfoliating Face scrub.

All of our products feature our unique luxury fragrance which is a blend of tobacco and eastern spices.

Into Tomorrow...

I am really proud that the MOJO range has received great reviews globally and is now on sale with major retailers in the UK,USA, Australia and New Zealand as well as live on this site.

Look out for more stylish MOJO Skin & Hair* grooming products coming soon.


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