About Us (or Finding My Mojo)

Paul after getting his Mojo backAfter twenty years of working in both the advertising and male grooming industries, in early 2014 I decided that I really wanted to strike out on my own. With a passion for creating premium grooming solutions and a real mop of unruly hair, I didn’t think that any of the products currently on the market really catered for me in terms of its performance and fragrance, the overall look and feel, and most of all, the intangible ‘style’. To me something was always missing.

So I decided to “scratch my creative itch” and design and produce my own range of hair styling products. Working with a leading premium manufacturer we began formulating my first three products whilst I started work on the luxury fragrance and design. I surrounded myself with some of my favourite inspirational bits-n-pieces: a book on the cover art of Blue Note records, a selection of fragrances, my vintage Gibson ES-125 guitar, a Montecristo cigar and lighter and a classic Paul Smith shirt, and I let the waves of inspiration flow in… MOJO’s eye-catching retro design was then applied to our weighty and stylish glass jars – most of our competitors use plastic tubs and tubes!

Months later my mate Martin popped round to see me. So tentatively I showed him my outline thoughts. For the first six or seven designs he wasn’t impressed, that was until I showed the final design for the MOJO Hair* range. “You’ve nailed it – you’ve got your MOJO back” he shouted!

Some of the inspiration behind Mojo

Cigar image courtesy of Stephan Ridgway.

Mojo Hair* Styling Range

After a further months of refining the formulas, fragrance and design, the initial three hair styling products are now available with our Luxury Beard Oil,Luxury Pro-Salon Shampoo and Luxury Pro-Salon Conditioner.All of the MOJO Hair products feature our unique signature fragrance which delivers a long lasting scent that is elegant,charismatic with a sophisticated,woody oriental composition.

We believe the MOJO Skin & Hair* range is an instant classic because:

  • It fuses superior pro-salon product performance with a premium,luxury and sensuous fragrance.
  • The retro stylish design and heavy-weight glass jar cuts a real dash.
  • And best of all, MOJO Hair* will make your hair look and smell great – defining your individual style and attitude.

We sincerely believe our products will give you that little extra swagger, attitude, confidence... and MOJO!

I am really proud that the range has received great reviews globally and is now on sale in the U.K,USA,South Africa,India and Israel.

Look out for more stylish MOJO Skin & Hair* grooming products coming soon.


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