June 07, 2016


Style Blogger Tom Gudgeon Finds His MOJO!

As far as hair products go, I have always been loyal to Fudge products. My Aunt being a hairdresser – and owning a number of hair salons – always meant that a multitude of different products were available to try and thus, allowing me the freedom to try a number of top-of-the-range products. Fudge was always my go to brand, solid, reliable, and decent – until now. Mojo Hair, made in the UK, is my new favourite.http://tgudgeon.com/2016/03/02/mojo-hair-mankind/ 


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Mojo's Styling Cream gives "the perfect wave"

Phil at mirror-reality.com reviewed Mojo Hair's Styling Cream

Phil reviewed Mojo Hair* Styling Cream on his grooming blog at mirror-reality.com. He said “It holds incredibly long and once it has set... you don’t get any residue. My hair looks even better then next morning as it’s full with texture and got that perfect beach look”.

Phil also was taken by the fragrance commenting “I never realized how much I care about what my hair smells like until I got something really chemical that I didn’t like. The 3 Mojo Haircare items I used so far have this refined fresh woody oriental... it’s good and not overly masculine!”


October 26, 2015


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Shortlist says "Best Under £30"

Mojo Hair Beard Oil featured in Shortlist magazine

Mojo Hair’s Pro-Salon Luxury Beard Oil was was selected as “Best Under £30” product in Shortlist magazine’s “The Mode 12” pick of the latest essential items.

Mojo Hair Beard Oil was featured in Shortlist magazine's style picks

September 27, 2015


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Made My Hair Really Soft

Andrew James is "really impressed" with Mojo Shampoo and Conditioner

Mojo Hair* is in the Men's Official Hair Styling Guide

Cool to see that Mojo Hair* made it into the Men’s Official website’s The Official Hair Styling Guide “Combing through all the fluff to find the right products for your do”.

Mojo Hair Clay

Mojo Hair, Clay, 100ml
The metallic lid isn’t reflective of the deconstructed, textured look it can be used to carve. If you want a style that’s undone and thick, this woody-scented clay of cedar-wood, ginger and grapefruit can be thinly applied to dry or damp hair.

Mojo Hair Styling Cream

Mojo Hair, Styling Cream, 100ml
If your hair is a little rough around the edges, then opt for a pomade. Smoothing and taming, Mojo’s cream aims to coat the hair and up its flexibility game. When applying, focus on the ends of the hair to volumise and mould into a streamlined look.


September 23, 2015


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Mojo Hair* Gets The Job Done

Mirror Reality's Facebook post on Mojo Hair*

Phil on Mirror Reality's Facebook page says “Mojo Style is all about that classic heavy glass jar, golden lids and incredibly easy to use textures to get the job done.”

September 14, 2015

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Man Monday reviews Mojo Hair* Clay for The Fashionista Observer

Review of Mojo Hair* Clay on The Fashionista Observer website

John wrote about Mojo Hair* Clay for the first ‘Man Monday’ review on The Fashionista Observer website. He was “was really impressed with Mojo Hair Clay and even after a few uses I can say it’s one of my favourites” and that “you know you have a luxury, premium product in your hands.”

He noted “found it really easy to mould leaving you with a natural matte finish and doesn’t leave your hands very sticky afterwards either. My favourite thing about the MOJO Hair Clay was it’s strong all day hold. It kept my hair in place for the day unlike my usual end of the day look of going through a mini hurricane.”


The Metro Times falls in love with the Mojo Hair Range

The Metro Times reviews Mojo Hair*

Zachary Tremblay writing for the men’s fashion blog The Metro Times says in his review that he began falling in love with the products “from the moment I opened the box”. He says that his hair “is softer, easier to style, and much shinier” after a week of using Mojo Hair*’s Pro-Salon Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner (5 stars).

The Fibre Shaper (5 stars) is his “favourite styling product” and “has a very high hold factor and the best part is that it leaves your hair looking very natural, and super soft. It smells great, too, just like all the products... Fiber Shaper is a user-friendly, high-hold shaper that I would strongly recommend for anyone with thicker hair like myself. This is definitely a must-have in my styling collection.”

He described our Styling Cream (5 stars) as a “first rate product leaves a very natural finish and adds a nice shine to my hair. It smells enticing and works exceptionally well for clean-cut, everyday looks. I would strongly recommend this one for day-to-day styles that require less holding power.”

Finally he rounded off with the Mojo Hair* Clay (4 stars) “I feel like this product would work super well for people with thinner hair or wanting to explore more complex ‘high-hold’ hair designs.”


August 30, 2015


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Smells Great, V Masculine

Simon Vallance, tweeted “Using Mojo Hair clay along with shampoo & conditioner. Smells great, V masculine.” and he added some cool before and after shots. He had also previously said on Twitter “Loving the #mojohair products. Thx @scoopnadine they smell amazing.”.

August 11, 2015


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5 Star Reviews on Mankind.co.uk

Mojo Hair* on Mankind

Mojo Hair* has had some great five star reviews on Mankind (thank you). We’ve reprinted a few below. Let’s start with our Hair Clay...

“Usually, I don't tend to spend very much on hair clays so I was obviously much more impressed by the quality of this than my usual products, which are about a tenner cheaper. Having said that, i think that this is worth the price-it has a great all-day-long hold, it isn't crazy sticky which is nice and it also has a really nice smell to it. I'd definitely recommend it and would re-purchase.” said Ben

“Tried this clay out for a change and was really pleased with the results. Added a lot of texture to my hair and had really great hold so my hair wasn't flat by the end of the day. Would definitely buy again!” commented Joe

And there were some good ones for our Styling Cream too...

“My girlfriend loves running her hands through my hair after using Mojo. I tried this a few times last week with different products but the styling cream is Silky smooth and makes my hair feel fresh all day too.” remarked Jim

“This is high quality stuff, the jar is weighty and feels like a luxury product. The cream smells great and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. The thing which really surprised me about this was just how much hold it will give you. It worked for a nice slicked-back look but with a bit of hairspray, I managed to get a strong mohawk going for a good few hours in a hot nightclub. Great stuff.” noted Rory

“This product is on the light side for a cream, which means that it doesn't have the greasy or tacky texture that many other hair products have. Despite the lightness, it has terrific hold and I find myself using much less than with other styling products, which means that the fairly generous sized jar should last me a good few months. Can be used to add volume to a casual tousled look or to slick hair back for a more clean and professional look. Would definitely recommend this product.” said James

Mojo Hair* Styling Cream reviews from Mankind

Mojo Hair* Clay reviews from Mankind