September 06, 2015

The Metro Times falls in love with the Mojo Hair Range

The Metro Times falls in love with the Mojo Hair Range

Zachary Tremblay writing for the men’s fashion blog The Metro Times says in his review that he began falling in love with the products “from the moment I opened the box”. He says that his hair “is softer, easier to style, and much shinier” after a week of using Mojo Hair*’s Pro-Salon Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner (5 stars).

The Fibre Shaper (5 stars) is his “favourite styling product” and “has a very high hold factor and the best part is that it leaves your hair looking very natural, and super soft. It smells great, too, just like all the products... Fiber Shaper is a user-friendly, high-hold shaper that I would strongly recommend for anyone with thicker hair like myself. This is definitely a must-have in my styling collection.”

He described our Styling Cream (5 stars) as a “first rate product leaves a very natural finish and adds a nice shine to my hair. It smells enticing and works exceptionally well for clean-cut, everyday looks. I would strongly recommend this one for day-to-day styles that require less holding power.”

Finally he rounded off with the Mojo Hair* Clay (4 stars) “I feel like this product would work super well for people with thinner hair or wanting to explore more complex ‘high-hold’ hair designs.”

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