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April 28, 2015 2 Comments Review

Liam Yulhanson of the Mail Grooming Guide blog reviews Mojo Hair* Clay and Fibre Shaper. He said of the Clay “the hold of the product is not the strongest but the effect it creates within the hair is a definite worth having” and of the Fibre Shaper “create a healthy shine and texture with some hold”.

He also commented on Mojo’s unique fragrance “I can’t work out what the smell is, I think it’s a bit citrus like, I really like the smell so that’s what matters!” and summed up by commenting “I have really enjoyed using these products, and love how easily they apply and wash out”. Review

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Teddy and Tom Parker
Teddy and Tom Parker

May 03, 2015

We have used all three products and they are all a class act. Keeps us looking good for longer.

Josh Couzens Martindale
Josh Couzens Martindale

May 02, 2015

I’ve been using fibre shaper to slick back my hair, not only does it hold it there throughout the day but also smells nice and doesn’t make it look greasy

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